CIRKL focuses on a green Leuven. Together with Cirkus in Beweging, we join forces for CIRKL Boomt! in 2024. Together, we continue to add oxygen and beauty to our planet by focusing on greening Leuven.

La Vieille Souche - Samuel Rhyner

Dive into a unique experience where you not only attend a performance, but also have the opportunity to make a difference.

For this show, you don't buy a ticket, you plant a tree. Discover the absurd ode to life by Swiss acro-dancer Samuel Rhyner and his partner in crime, Trebor - a tree that, thanks to your help, finds a permanent spot in Leuven.

Leuven Boomt!

Contribute to a greener future while enjoying your performance at 30CC.

Between March 28th and May 12th, when purchasing a ticket at 30CC, you can choose to donate an extra 1 euro for planting a tree. Scientific studies have shown that planting trees is one of the most effective ways to combat climate change.

The first 'Leuven Boomt!' 'forest

Together with BOS+ Flanders and the City of Leuven, we continue our mission to make Leuven greener. In 2025, we will establish the very first Leuven Boomt! forest, a green space for all residents of the city.

What is Leuven Boomt?

Leuven Boomt!
is an initiative started by Cirkus in Beweging in 2020 and made possible by your support. With each registration for their classes, camps, or other activities, they invite you to donate an extra euro, which is forwarded to BOS+.

Why do they choose this? Because too many trees are being cut down or lost in wildfires. Yet they are vital for all life on earth. 21 reasons why forests are important.

And also

On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, we, together with Pulse Transitienetwerk, Circuscentrum, and Cirkus in Beweging, are organizing a 'praktijksafari'.

With thanks to our partners of CIRKL Boomt!

Green Service City of Leuven, Bos+, Cirkus in Beweging & CIRKLABO