Buy online

  • Online you can order your tickets 24/7.
    Use the direct ticket link of the show of your choice.
    Attention: please check carefully whether you have clicked on the show with the desired hour
  • In order to buy tickets online, you'll need a personal account.
    This account can easily be created during your (first) purchase.
  • Ticket prices always include transaction fees.
    If you have no email address and want to receive your transfer, invoice or tickets by post, you will be charged a shipping fee of € 2.
  • If you shop online, then you will receive your ticket as a pdf by email.
    It is advisable to print your ticket in at least A5 size so it's easier to scan at the venue entrance.
    You can also download your ticket on your smartphone and save it in your Wallet app. From an ecological point of view, we strongly encourage this.

General conditions

  • Once sold, tickets cannot be returned or traded away, but you are allowed to resell your ticket.
    You can do this on 30CC's facebook page, via or at the venue entrance.
  • If you have lost or forgotten your tickets, then you can request a duplicate in advance via your online account.
    You will then receive a new ticket (with a new bar code) by email.
  • We strive to start our spectacles on time. This is only possible if you arrive on time. Once a performance has started, we no longer allow entrance.
    Latecomers have no right of refund or any other form of reimbursement.
  • Buy your ticket(s) for our events only through our channels. All our sales are subject to the Law of 30 July 2013. The regulated resale of tickets, even without profit margin, is prohibited. Occasional resale with profit margin is also prohibited. Tickets purchased in violation of this prohibition are invalid. We reserve the right to block these tickets and refuse the holder access to the event.

Ticket desk

Bondgenotenlaan 21, 3000 Leuven

  • from Wednesday to Saturday: from 12 AM to 5 PM
  • CLOSED from Sunday to Tuesday and public holidays

    At the ticket desk, you can pay with a 30CC gift voucher or with Bancontact, Visa or Mastercard.
    You can only purchase tickets, we do not accept reservations. You'll receive the tickets in print.

    Phone reservations

    • Order your tickets at the ticket office:
      016 27 40 00
    • opening hours:
      > Wednesday to Friday: 12.00 AM - 17.00 PM
      > closed on Mondays,Tuesdays Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
    • You can pay via bank transfer (sent to you by email). Your telephone reservation remains valid for 7 days.
      When you transfer, we will send the tickets to your email address and you can print them yourself or download them to your smartphone and save them in your Wallet app.
    • After we have received payment, you will receive your tickets by email (as a pdf).


    CIRKL is an UiTPASpartner.
    Holders of the UiTPAS at a reduction rate, get a 80% discount on all performances.
    With your UiTPAS, you can only buy one ticket per performance at a reduced price.

    Attention: call the ticket office to buy your tickets with the UiTPAS discount.