This year, CIRKL takes place at various locations in the city centre.
For info & tickets please visit the Velodrome.

  1. Velodroom festivalcentrum - Brusselsestraat 90
  2. Velodroom tent Malunés - Brusselsestraat 90
  3. Velodroom binnentuin - Martin's Klooster, O.L Vrouwstraat
  4. Velodroom tent FahrAwaY - Brusselsestraat 90 Aa
  5. Predikherenkerk - O.L. Vrouwstraat
  6. Villa aan de Aa - O.L. Vrouwstraat 46
  7. 30CC/Wagehuys - Brusselsestraat 63
  8. Dijleterrassen - Kruising Amerikalaan en Lei
  9. 30CC/Schouwburg - Bondgenotenlaan 21
  10. Cas-co - Vaartstraat 94
  11. 30CC/Minnepoort - Dirk Boutslaan 62


    We strongly recommend you to come on foot, by bike or by public transport.
    It’s healthier, cheaper and more eco-friendly. Look at the map where each performance takes place and plan your route that way. Get around smart.  
    At www.leuven.be/naarleuvenenterug you will find the most complete mobility overview, neatly divided by means of transport.

Start times

You can find the exact timings on the program overview or on the detail page of each performance. The doors open on average 20 minutes before the show.

We strive to start each show on time. This can only be achieved if you arrive in time. Once the show is started, you can no longer enter the venue. Late comers are not entitled to any refund or compensation.

Everyone welcome

Everyone is welcome at CIRKL. Therefore we pay attention to the accessibility of the festival, the performances and the surroundings for people with disabilities. Most performances are accessible for people with a mobile disability. 

For more information, please call the ticket desk on 016 27 40 00. During the festival, you can ask all your questions to one of our staff members at the info point on the Velodroom. Tickets for performances that have not sold out can also be bought at the Velodroom.

Discover more than CIRKL

In the heart of Belgium and all its own: that's Leuven.

The century-old university town with its historic buildings radiates the 21st century. Leuven has a young dynamic and is bursting with initiatives. This can-do city is a breeding ground for innovation: spin-offs from the internationally leading university, unexpected collaborations and projects where science, art, culture and society come together.

In the pedestrian streets and on the spacious squares, the students determine the rhythm and atmosphere, the shops, cafés and restaurants provide conviviality and gastronomy, the beer fizzes and the ideas bubble up.
Leuven is a city on a human scale, surrounded by green hills that let the city breathe. With its rich and varied cultural offering, Leuven is worth a visit all year round.