Cirque Rouages (FR)
Friday May 17th
Saturday May 18th
Friday 9.30 pm - 10.20 pm
Saturday 9.30 pm - 10.20 pm
All ages
free of charge

Up in the air, dancing on the waves of time, four acrobats balance on an endless cable hanging from a gigantic construction. Sodade is a tribute to life told by two live musicians. The performance revolves around balance, vulnerability, wind and poetry.

Cirque Rouages is a collective consisting of nine artists, technicians, musicians and builders who combine the cogwheels in their heads to create a poetic, musical and physical mechanism.

No-one needs to miss anything of this performance: thanks to the unique construction, up to 1500 people can enjoy this special show at one time.

Website and Facebook-page of Cirque Rouages.

Photo: © E+N