Les Dodos

Les Dodos
Le P’tit Cirk (FR)
Friday May 17th
Saturday May 18th
Sunday May 19th
Friday 7 pm - 8.25 pm
Saturday 4 pm - 5.25 pm
Sunday 5 pm - 6.25 pm
4 years and over
€ 14 / € 10 (-12 years)

In their circus tent, the Dodos only dream of one thing: escaping. The hostility of the outside world forces them to keep on looking for new methods of survival. Their vulnerability and boundless imagination result in improbable attempts to overcome gravity.

Five musicians-acrobats explore what they can do with a double bass, a violin, a trumpet and lots of guitars. Of course, they can play music, but they can also perform feats of balance and acrobatics. Circus meets music, and music meets circus. Les Dodos by Le P’tit Cirk is an impressive cross-over show for the whole family.

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Photo: © Katelijne Boonen