Ramona Van Nieuwenhove and Sien Van Acker, both students at an international French circus school, developed a circus cabaret for CIRKL with young circus artists. Because Europe is bursting with young new circus talent.


Like Sien, Ramona started with Cirkus in Beweging at a young age. It didn't just remain a hobby because after a few years of circus humanities she moved to London for a three-year course at the National Centre for Circus Arts. She then swapped the British capital for that of France. Here she has been at home for three years at Académie Fratellini Paris, where she will graduate this year.


Sien started at the age of six in the Leuven circus school Cirkus in Beweging. The circus virus got to her in such a way that she later followed a professional circus training in Acapa Tilburg. In her further search for individuality, she ended up three years ago in Esacto’Lido in Toulouse, where she will graduate this year as a tightrope walker.

Meanwhile, Sien was bitten by a second virus: costume and scenography, which claim their own place in her work.

“With this cabaret we set up a diverse, inclusive and funky evening. We want to create a place where artists, musicians and audiences come together. Everyone is welcome to enjoy this special evening.” (Ramona Van Nieuwenhove en Sien Van Acker)