Follow Us

Follow Us - Première
Be Flat & Cirkus in Beweging (BE)
Saturday May 18th
Sunday May 19th
Multiple locations
Saturday 2 pm - 2.50 pm
Saturday 7 pm - 7.50 pm
Sundag 2.30 pm - 3.20 pm
Sunday 6.30 pm - 7.20 pm
6 years and over
€ 8 / 5 [-12 years]

CIRKL coproduction

Under the artistic guidance of Be Flat, ten parkour acrobats from Leuven explore new paths in the Vaartkom area. The audience takes part in composing this performance. You follow the troupe and are in the middle of the action. You explore the city and are surprised by its diverse facets. A unique experience of the city!

This show is inspired by Be Flat’s Follow Me, a performance with a very successful tryout during CIRKL 2018. Once more, the street is the stage of this performance, the façades are the set and the city’s noises are the soundscape.

Website and Facebook-page of Be Flat.