Chiringuito Paradise

Chiringuito Paradise
Sitting Duck (BE)
Saturday May 18th
Sunday May 19th
Saturday 3 pm - 3.45 pm
Sunday 5 pm - 5.45 pm
All ages
free of charge

Two barmen are preparing the festive opening of Chiringuito Paradise. Everything is ready for a successful opening ceremony. With the guests already there and the champagne on ice, the party can begin. A heart-warming duo tries to save the day in an apocalyptic mix of catastrophic juggling, physical comedy and, of course, fireworks. Welcome to Chiringuito Paradise!

Sitting Duck is a Belgian circus & street theatre company with a distinctive comical language influenced by slapstick comedy and combined with cocktail shaking and object manipulation.

Attention! This show is not wheelchair accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Website and Facebook-page of Sitting Duck.

Photo: © Veera Kaukoranta