Carrying my father

Carrying my father
Saturday May 18th
Saturday 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm
6 years and over
€ 5

CIRKL coproduction

During the CIRKL festival, THERE THERE Company offers an exclusive insight into the creative process of Carrying my father, a new show premièring in Leuven in March 2020. This sneak peek is the result of an artistic investigation preceding the development of this new production.

Just like the son was carried by his father many years ago, the father is now carried by the son. Expect a unique sober performance. A physical duet between father and son.

Together with Common Ground and Brace for Impact, this performance is part of the sneak peek package. For € 5 you get access to Predikherenkerk church, the incubator of new circus in Leuven, where you will discover the circus of the future in three exclusive sneak peeks.

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