Brace for Impact

Brace for Impact
Knot on Hands (BE)
Saturday May 18th
Saturday 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Vanaf 6 jaar
€ 5

In Brace for impact, three acrobats are exploring the limits of balance, and in particular the moment of falling. The moment when the balance is lost and falling becomes inevitable. But they also demonstrate that, by working together, you can avert the danger of a fall.

Knot on Hands is the graduation project of three students from the Codarts school for performing arts in Rotterdam, amongst whom Tijs Bastiaens from Leuven (former member of Cirkus in Beweging and circus high school), under the supervision of Leuven-based circus producer Hanna Mampuys. The artists of Knot on Hands strive for an organic form of partner acrobatics. They are looking for a dynamic balance rather than a static one. Only then can they move in a flow.

Together with Common Ground and Carrying my Father, this performance is part of the sneak peek package. For € 5 you get access to Predikherenkerk church, the incubator of new circus in Leuven, where you will discover the circus of the future in three exclusive sneak peeks.

Photo: © Koljart