Cirque Rouages (FR)
Sunday May 19th
Sunday 2.30 pm - 3.10 pm
Sunday 6 pm - 6.40 pm
All ages
free of charge

Two men are carrying a rough wooden box on their backs, as heavy as their past, as empty as their future. They try to find their own way without saying a word. Their bodies express the frivolity and lightness of youth as well as strength and hope. Despite the dangers, the duo faces up to the uncertainty.

Cirque Rouages is a collective consisting of nine artists, technicians, musicians and builders. In addition to Sodade, Boate is the second production by Cirque Rouages programmed at this year’s edition of CIRKL.

Website and Facebook-page of Cirque Rouages.

Photo: © Marie-Eve Racine Legendre