(S)truggling vervanging voor (Un)folded (WZC Dijlehof)

Aramelo (DE)
Saturday August 14th
WZC Dijlehof
12.30 h
16.00 h
19.00 h
All ages
€ 3 / € 1 (-12 years) | duration: 20'

Please note: entrance via St Peter's College

With a lot of humour, this talented duo takes you on a journey. On their way, they bump into a trampoline which they set up and explore. From the very first moment, they surprise you with unexpected interactions on the trampoline combined with partner acrobatics. A show for the whole family, full of funny moments, cheerful melodies and a good atmosphere!

This artistic duo, Mara and Ole, bring the art of contemporary circus closer to the people. They are known for their acrobatic storytelling and their unique combination of partner acrobatics with trampoline art.


artists Mara Daro, Ole Schöne photoDominique Schreckling