Cie Bivouac (FR)
Friday August 13th
Saturday August 14th
FRI: 21.30 h
SAT: 21.00 h
All ages
€ 5 / € 3 (-12 years) | duration: 55'

Perceptions is a journey to the heart of the quantum imagery where the infinitely large meets the infinitely small.Equations unfold on a diffracted structure revealing unknown elementary particles, a relative space and time, parallel dimensions.. A reality usually invisible to the eye emerges slowly in the ocular eye. As the exploration of men evolves, the suspended world is transformed and becomes unpredictable. The strings vibrate, the material gravitates and diffracts, letting the void exist. An invitation to dream of other realities.

Cie Bivouac is a world-class French company that brings together circus and impressive installations. If you watch closely, you will see inspiration from quantum physics. But above all, sit back and enjoy a combination of circus, dance and live music.

Authors Maureen Brown, Maryka Hassi, Benjamin Lissardy direction and scenario Maryka Hassi assistant direction Maureen Brown, Benjamin Lissardy scenario and set design Maureen Brown composer and musician Yanier Hechavarria light creation Patrick Cathala
costumes Vincent Dupeyron general direction Emilien Picard interpreters Benjamin Lissardy, Silvana Sanchirico Barros, Vanessa Petit, Grégoire Fourestier, Antoine Linsale
photoplatano boligrafo