Leuven is a real circus town.

Cirkus in Beweging celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Cultural centre 30CC has programmed innovative circus acts and has supported (young) circus artists for many years. Numerous circus residencies and circus workshops contribute to the development of Leuven as a circus town. And since last year, the tradition of great circus festivals has been continued with CIRKL, the Leuven Circus Festival.

For this second edition, CIRKL once again includes top-class shows by renowned artists as well as innovative performances by young, promising circus artists. CIRKL provides a platform to young productions and is a laboratory for new talent. CIRKL challenges them to be inspired by the vibrant Vaartkom neighbourhood and use the city as a test environment.


CIRKL is organised by 30CC in partnership with Cirkus in Beweging and the city of Leuven.
The festival enjoys the support of the Flemish government, the province of Flemish Brabant, Radio 2, Deze Week, De Morgen, UiTPAS Leuven, De Hoorn, OPEK, ViriX, Stella Artois and Novotel.

On the occasion of the SARAB show, we present the documentary What Happened in the Tent in collaboration with the Friends of the Palestinian Circus School.

During the CIRKL festival, Circuscentrum organises a networking event and a round-table discussion. 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the Flemish Circus Decree. This decree is unique in the world and has provided the young circus sector with opportunities to develop further. CIRKL has also been enabled to grow as a festival thanks to the Circus Decree. Circuscentrum will look to the past and the future on Friday 18 May. Registration & information: