B.V. Natuur (Velodroom)

B.V. Natuur (Velodroom)
Compagnie Mobil (Karel Casier and Aat Dirks)
Friday August 13th
19.00 h
All ages
€ 3 / € 1 (-12 years) | duration: 35'

The environment is under threat, forests are burning, sea water is rising. Is the climate crisis a far cry from your bedside manner? Fortunately, that's not a problem because Aat and Karel are happy to share their most efficient solution to the climate problem. With their crane truck, they give nature a helping hand and build a tree version 2.0. But is nature really engineerable? Find out through painful slapstick, clumsy cooperation and a dance.

Aat and Karel got to know each other on the street between street theatre festivals. They found each other in the physical wordless comedy and their shared enthusiasm for building their own sets.


artists Karel Casier & Aat Dirks (Cie Mobil)