A Sensitive Case

A Sensitive Case
Bert Berg
Saturday August 14th
Sunday August 15th
SAT: 18.30 h
SUN: 17.00 h
From 7 years
€ 3 / € 1 (-12 year) | duration: 45'

A Sensitive case is a two part project that intertwines mousetrap sculpting with a circus show about the search through an enclosed 3-4m world made out of vulnerable (mouse)trap architectures.
This show is set in a 3-4m space filled with fragile mousetraps architectures. In this vulnerable closed off world a human measures and traces every form and shape inside. Handstands, tight enclosures, balanced movement and a lot of challenges are the result of this. This exploration passes through a lot of unpredictability and fragile encounters. The audience participates in surrounding this world by setting up a barrier made out of their shoes and watches how this shared moment unfolds in front of them.

Circus artist Bert van de Berghe has a love of circus and mousetraps. Specialised in hand balancing, he has developed his own language. His creations are always based on his own body.